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Since 2002

Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc., Radon Testing & Mitigation Service, Lexington, KY

Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc. (RSK) is Lexington and Central Kentucky's first business exclusively dedicated to the radon industry for full service radon testing and mitigation. RSK provides consulting, testing and mitigation services for residential, commercial, new construction and historical needs. RSK is Lexington's first registered radon specialty contractor with the LFUCG Contractor's Division of Building Inspections. RSK is the first Accredited Member with the BBB of Central and Eastern Kentucky providing radon services exclusively.

Breathing Easier: An Information Radon Video for Physicians

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23 minute version

Dr. Oz talks about Radon


We are the first fully and properly insured radon business in the Lexington and Central Kentucky marketplace, holding industry specific coverage as an environmental contractor with commercial general liability, pollution liability and professional liability policies combined specifically for radon mitigation system design, construction and testing. We also carry workman's compensation coverage. We carry endorsements on both policies and can have commercial customers named as additional insured as needed. Policies are available for review and confirmation anytime.

We do radon work. Period. We provide Professional Radon Testing Services for residential and commercial properties and real estate transaction needs. We primarily use continuous radon monitors and are the first and only known radon business to print test results on-site. This is comparable to being a mobile lab. We possess standard and analytical skills and can read and interpret test results on site immediately. We also employ nationally recognized independent labs for large project testing needs.

We also provide Professional Radon Mitigation Services. We perform building investigations and site evaluations to custom design systems and treatments to fit the needs of the structure. There is no one size one price fits all type system. We follow all US EPA Radon Mitigation Standards for radon testing and mitigation systems and incorporate ASTM E2121-03 by reference. We adhere to all state and local building, fire and electrical codes and employ licensed and insured electricians for all electrical work as required by law. RSK guarantees every system we build and treatment we provide to be a 100% EPA Compliant System and Treatment. We will not ignore any US EPA Radon Mitigation Standards or building, fire or electrical codes to be competitive. We provide a copy of these standards for reference on this web site under the Radon Info tab for your review and confirmation. All of our systems also meet or exceed Energy Star, Green and LEED compliant designation requirements.

We provide the highest quality components, most combined treatments, proven scientific methods and the latest techniques to achieve the best radon reduction result that you would expect. We also specialize in difficult to mitigate structures.

Our goal from the very beginning has always been to reduce your radon levels and exposure to:
As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)

Proud Member of AARST Since 2002. ID# 429.
Proud & Certified Member of NEHA/NRPP since 2002.
Residential Measurement Provider ID# 102379RT.
Residential Mitigation Provider ID# 102380RMT.
LFUCG Registered Specialty Contractor Reg. #12381
Member of the Kentucky Association of Radon Professionals
Member of the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky. since 2002
 Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc., Radon Testing & Mitigation Service, Lexington, KY

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